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Vocal Fix It Suite | Psycho Circuity

Vocal editing sometimes requires many tools to achieve the optimum result. To successfully remove plosives, crosstalk from other signal sources or click sounds, there is now a new plugin suite from the manufacturer Psycho Circuitry.What is included in the Plugin...

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Remove breathing noises from voice recordings

This short tutorial explains how to use the plugin DeBreath from Waves plugin to remove breathing noises from voice recordings. How is the plugin operated? In principle, the following are involved DeBreath is a gate which, instead of using a specific side-chain...

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Waves C1

Waves C1 is an industry-leading plugin from Waves Audio that provides an intuitive and e!The new sound system offers a convenient way to shape and control your sound. This versatile plugin was developed for use as a compressor, de-esser, gate and expander. It can be...

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Awareness and branding through podcasts

Is your company not as well known on the market as you would like it to be? Demand is limited to the same clientele and it is difficult to land new orders? Tap into a completely new target group with a podcast, increase awareness or bind the existing customer base...

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Company podcast: Why at all?

Podcasts have not only gained relevance for private individuals or media professionals. This article will briefly outline how your own brand and your company can be transported to the public through the production of a podcast.Your company - your topicsWhether the...

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Winning customers through podcasts

In addition to awareness, acquisition is often a central element of marketing. This is understandable, as a company, regardless of its size, can only exist if there is demand. In order for customers to consider your services or products, the necessary trust must be...

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Dennis Cords

Audio Engineer.
Podcasting, Mixing, Live Sound, Sound Design

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