Waves C1

Waves C1 is an industry-leading plugin from Waves Audio that provides an intuitive and e!The new sound system offers a convenient way to shape and control your sound. This versatile plugin was developed for use as a compressor, de-esser, gate and expander. It can be used for any type of audio source and is incredibly easy to use, making it a great choice for mixing and mastering engineers.


First of all, Waves C1 offers four different compression modes. These include standard compression, sidechain compression, multiband compression and dynamic EQ. Each mode has its own set of parameters, giving you the flexibility to customize your sound to the desired level of compression. Standard compression is ideal for adding warmth and depth to your mix, while sidechain compression is great for creating punchy and dynamic bass. The multiband compression allows you to control different frequencies separately, while the dynamic EQ gives you precise control over the frequency response of your sound.

Setting the finer details

The plugin also has several functions with which you can shape and control your sound. The Soft Knee option, for example, ensures a smooth transition between the compressed and uncompressed parts of your audio, while the Auto Makeup Gain function ensures that the overall volume of your sound remains unchanged. The Lookahead function allows the compressor to anticipate transients and respond accordingly, while the Release and Attack controls give you fine-tuned control over how quickly the compressor responds to transients. Waves C1 also offers a handy “bypass” function that allows you to bypass the plugin when it is not needed. This can be particularly useful for quickly switching between different compression settings or bypassing the plug-in altogether to achieve a more natural sound.

Overall, Waves C1 is a powerful and versatile plugin that lets you shape and control your sound with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this plugin has everything you need to take your sound to the next level.

Dennis Cords

April 3, 2024


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