Awareness and branding through podcasts

Is your company not as well known on the market as you would like it to be? Demand is limited to the same clientele and it is difficult to land new orders?

Tap into a completely new target group with a podcast, increase awareness or bind the existing customer base even closer to the company. Your podcast does not have to and should not primarily be about your products or services. See the podcast more as an opportunity to attract attention. Choose the name of the podcast in such a way that it is not immediately obvious that this is a company podcast.

But what should we talk about?

When choosing a topic, for example, you can look at the entire industry from a more exposed perspective. Inform listeners about the latest news in this field and showcase your expertise. This not only creates trust in your company, but also leaves the customer in good conscience about the choices he/she has. Because what you don’t need are new customers who don’t even belong to your target group due to incorrect information. The latter leads to you “wasting” time in a consultation.

Interview partners as multipliers of awareness

Conduct interviews with other service providers or experts from the industry. This can also develop new business contacts and once again shows your customers your openness and honesty. The interview partners can benefit from the same positive effects as you. Such public appearances are often shared on their social networks – you are effectively using the reach of other people or companies to draw attention to your brand.

You can also conduct this type of interview with your own employees. Your company becomes human and approachable. The interviews can also have an entertaining factor in that the questions specifically address the individuality of the employees.

Dennis Cords

April 1, 2024


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