Winning customers through podcasts

In addition to awareness, acquisition is often a central element of marketing. This is understandable, as a company, regardless of its size, can only exist if there is demand.
In order for customers to consider your services or products, the necessary trust must be created. This trust is the key to every campaign.
is based onwhether moving image, written advertising or other means. And this is exactly where the podcast can come in.

Trust takes time

A podcast can shine through authenticity, focusing on your personality or that of the company. It takes time for listeners to build up a bond, but the journey is worth it. Show who is behind the brand, give yourself opportunities to develop and reduce the distance to the customer. Only one thing should not be forgotten – the distance should be minimized in an honest way. Don’t present yourself and your company differently than it really is.

No-go’s for corporate podcasts

This publicity can quickly backfire and cause far greater damage. It should therefore be clearly communicated from the outset that this is a corporate podcast. If products or services of your own brand are suddenly advertised, the listener feels betrayed and trust is destroyed. This process is lengthy and can be compared to building a community on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

This community concept can also be applied to podcasts for the purpose of building trust. Involve the listeners, ask and answer questions. This can be done directly in the podcast or on social networks. The listeners show you the way and answering their questions creates a strong sense of trust. An example: If you are a consultant in the financial sector and you are asked how you deal with the topic of organization, don’t be afraid to refer to other consultant colleagues who deal specifically with this topic. This encourages the listener that a consulting service is also helpful for you. The colleague, who then likes to be mentioned on social networks, also gives you confidence.

Dennis Cords

February 29, 2024


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