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Vocal editing sometimes requires many tools to achieve the optimum result. To successfully remove plosives, crosstalk from other signal sources or click sounds, there is now a new plugin suite from the manufacturer Psycho Circuitry.

What is included in the Plugin Suite?

There are two versions of the Plugin Suite. A free version, which is also the subject of this blog article, and a paid version, the so-called Vocal Fix It Suite +. You can buy or download them directly from the Psycho Circuitry website.

The individual plug-ins De-Bleed, De-Plosiv and De-Click are included in both versions. The free alternative is limited to a few parameters that can be set in the plugins.


Another gate in the toolbox – that’s how you could describe the De-Bleed plugin. In my experience, it can be worth comparing different gates and replacing them depending on the application. The simple user interface allows you to quickly set the threshold and the “Delta” button allows you to listen to what the plugin removes from the processed audio track. A virtual LED on the left-hand side indicates when the gate is active.


Click sounds can be one of the biggest problems that make a voice recording impossible or take up a lot of time in post-production.
The De-Click plugin tackles precisely this problem in one way – quickly and easily.
The threshold is set with the large central knob and the annoying click sounds can be identified in a hurry, again using the “Delta” button. The status between active and inactive can also be seen quickly in this plugin using the virtual LED.


If the speaker was too close to the microphone, plosive sounds often occur in the recording, especially when using a dynamic microphone and its proximity effect.

The De-Plosiv plugin edits precisely these plosive sounds. The 1-knob concept is also used here. The necessary sensitivity is quickly set and the recording is one step more professional.



Having a toolbox filled with useful plugins for every area of application is certainly not a bad idea. The plug-in suite from Psycho Circuitry, even in the free version, is certainly worth a download. It doesn’t quite come close to the competition like Izotope RX, but the price is also worlds apart. The CPU load is another thing that clearly speaks in favor of the Vocal Fix It Suite.


Dennis Cords

April 20, 2024


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