Company podcast: Why at all?

Podcasts have not only gained relevance for private individuals or media professionals. This article will briefly outline how your own brand and your company can be transported to the public through the production of a podcast.

Your company – your topics

Whether the company’s processes are explained to its own employees or innovation is presented to the general public is up to you. The boundaries between where the subject areas begin and where the podcast medium ends are wide.

However, one thing should always be borne in mind: A podcast should not become a promotional event for your products or services. Podcast listeners appreciate authentic and honest contributions. Use the opportunity to involve listeners on social media, ask questions and respond to their interests. After all, they are building a community that wants to join in the discussion despite the monologue-like format. In this way, they create healthy communication with customers, business partners and employees for their company.

After Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, a podcast often comes in last place when it comes to the advertising budget. This is understandable – after all, the ad manager makes it relatively easy to launch entire campaigns and analyze the target group. The customer himself also moves on these platforms. But beware, the associated dependence on the big players “Facebook” and “Google” may have many advantages, but it also means that the existing advertising budget has to be increased immediately if prices suddenly rise.

Authenticity as the key

A newsletter, blog or podcast can counteract this dependency. The personal touch that works well with promotional videos on Facebook and the like can also be perfectly conveyed with a podcast. Personality and authenticity are the keywords that should be at the top of the list when producing a podcast. Gain the trust of your audience and present your company from a different angle. The bond between your company and the listeners will be much closer, as the decision to press “play” comes naturally.

So show in the podcast that you have a sense of humor, pursue hobbies or talk about topics that interest you outside of work, even if you are often only to be found in a suit as a company boss, for example. If you bind the customer to your company through humanity, you become approachable and likeable, because most purchases are initially made on an emotional level.

If you want to start your podcast but only want to take care of the content (and yes, that’s a lot of work) then get in touch with me so that your podcast is a complete success and you have as little contact with the technology as possible.

Dennis Cords

February 29, 2024


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