Podcast as further training for employees

Has your company reached such a size that constant change is essential for process optimization? Keeping every employee up to date is becoming a difficult task? A podcast can establish a new way of communicating.

A company that stands still is not a good company. Movement and adaptation are as much a part of everyday working life and company management as shadow is to light. From a certain size, however, it becomes increasingly time-consuming to inform your own employees about news, because who likes to read newsletters or overlook them in the sheer flood of emails that land in their inbox every day?

Communication rethought

A podcast can build this bridge. Your employees have a daily commute to work that is made by car or public transport. Often this time cannot be used productively – but it can be if it is brought up to date with the latest updates in an entertaining way. There is no need for two hours of news at regular intervals, which, if we are honest, nobody can concentrate on anyway. Keep the message short and sweet. You are doing yourself a favor by creating the podcast episode and your employees a favor by listening to it.

Contents of the podcast episodes

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Here are two examples:

A new addition to the management floor briefly introduces himself. The employees can already get a “picture” of him and his nature. Use the podcast medium to build a bond from the very first minute.

The software used in the building has been updated. Have the IT employees give a speech directly and inform them about what is really changing for the individual areas. Who hasn’t heard this dialog when they arrive at the office in the morning: “Have you heard the software has been updated?” “No, what’s new?” “Let’s see, we’ll find out somehow.” Shortly afterwards, the phone in IT is no longer silent and an update, no matter how small, literally paralyzes the entire operation.

So don’t see the podcast as a rigid construct, but as an opportunity to inform all employees directly. The content can deal with current events or explain future plans. Together with the website, to which only employees have access, the news can be called up again in a bundled form. Here you also have the option of leaving feedback on the content addressed or answering questions publicly for all employees in the form of a forum. These can then be transferred to a company’s own FAQ.

Of course, these steps are optional, but they are intended as an impetus to rethink old structures and try out new approaches for the company.

In the spirit of a podcast, listening is the be-all and end-all in a company too.

Dennis Cords

February 29, 2024


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